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Who kilt the electric car?

The answer to that question remains open to debate, but I can tell you one thing for sure: boring filmmakers sure as hell kilt a documentary about the electric car!

Sweet jayzuz, whatta snoozefest! (Literally. It put me to sleep. I think it was the ponderous narration by Martin Sheen that was to blame as much as the unimaginative approach to the story.)

Incidentally, if they’d stop making these enviro-friendly vehicles so fucking hideous, mebbe more people would buy ’em. I mean, c’mon, the plug-ugly Prius? The inelegant Insight? This film’s “hero” looks like something Rosie The Robot pooped out:


…yecch. I wouldn’t be caught dead in something as ugly as that. I have standards. 😉

→ originally published 2007-05-21


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