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And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street

I was looking through the Toronto After Dark Film Festival site and found the trailers for half the features (the other half will be announced next week, apparently). I saw a few that intrigued me. Mulberry Street is one of ’em.

I have tried to skip the meat of the early reviews because I don’t want to inadvertently run across any plot-spoilers. As I have said previously, I prefer to go into horror films as “blind” as possible. (My friends already know my other “rules” when it comes to this genre: best to watch a horror film alone, after dark. I am serious about wanting to be scared by these things.) So I can’t tellya much about this. Looks like it’s an allegorical story about some kinda fearsome infection spread by rats in New York City that turns humans into something, er, less than

Sounds promising to me. I’ve seen a lifetime of these films–enough of them to know that it is a rare horror film that actually delivers on its promise. But when you’re a fan, you’re willing to take the chance ’cause when a film delivers, it totally obliterates the bad taste left in your mouth by the last dozen that didn’t. There are very few things in this life that I am optimistic about, but this is certainly one of ’em.

It is the opening night gala screening at the festival. I hope to be there for it!

prolly wouldn't go into this expecting Dr. Seuss...

→ originally published 2007-09-22


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