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The Life of Reilly: Save it for the DVD!

Nice reviews of the new Charles Nelson Reilly film here and here. Less satisfied review here.

I’d considered going down to Tronna to see it this weekend until I read that the whole 3-hour-plus stage show that Reilly performed will be available on the upcoming DVD. The film’s theatrical release whittles it down to just under half that. And I was willing to settle for that hour and a half because, the way I figgered it, that was better than nuthin’. But when I found out the whole shebang would be on the disk, well… That changed things. 😉

Incidentally, the reviewers don’t mention it but there is a Q&A with the filmmakers after the 4:30pm screening today at the Bloor.

It plays at the Bloor Cinema until Monday, then moves to the newly reopened Revue Cinema on Wednesday and Thursday.

I’d love to see it on the big screen, but I’d rather see the whole dang performance. So. I wait. Message to my Tronna friends–if you see it, lemme know whatcha think!

→ originally published 2007-11-30


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