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Cloverfield worth the wait

…And while some folks might not like how so much of it is left up to the viewer to figure out, that’s exactly what I like most about it. Thanks to the hand-held camera and the limited perspective it allows, the naturalistic dialogue (the film has a very unscripted feel about it), and the effectively real sound design, it feels like we are going through this experience as another member of the little band of hipsters running through–and under–the streets of Manhattan, chased by biting, scratching, stomping, roaring monsters. We dunno what they are, we dunno where they came from, we dunno what they want, we dunno anything except one of ’em is as big as any of the Manhattan skyscrapers it stomps and topples and–just for good measure–there’s a shitload of dog-sized versions that bite and scratch and, apparently, infect.

I will write a bit more about it once I have time to digest the experience.

→ originally published 2008-01-19


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