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Drop Your Shorts!

the way it wuz

An old film-school friend of mine is on the board of directors of the newly resurrected Revue Cinema in Toronto (one of the city’s few remaining independent repertory cinemas) and he called today to tell me about an open screening they’re having at the end of this month.

It’s called Drop Your Shorts and it’s an opportunity for local filmmakers to show their shorts. Their short films, that is. 😉

So if you’re a Toronto-area filmmaker who wants an opportunity to show your short film on the big screen to a real live audience, here’s your chance!

They’ll accept any format, any genre, and anything under 15 minutes’ length. Film submissions will be at the cinema on Sun. Jan. 27th from noon ’til 2pm. It costs $10 to submit a film.

When I attended the Toronto After Dark Film Fest last fall, the most interesting, most challenging, and creepiest films I saw were in the shorts programme. It’s definitely an effective form.

The screenings will be on Wed. Jan. 30 at 7pm, and admission is $2.

If you need further info, there is contact info at the Revue’s site.

Kudos to the folks at the Revue for providing this terrific opportunity for local filmmakers! Wish I could go.

Incidentally, I hope the Revue Film Society is working towards rebuilding the gorgeous marquee you see in the photo that opens this post. It collapsed under the weight of snow last winter…

the sky is (not) falling

I notice they include a question about it on the survey at their site–which really wouldn’t be fair for me to fill out, since I don’t live in Tronna, but any of youse locals could throw in your 2¢.

the way it is now

→ originally published 2008-01-14


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