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Psst, your shorts are showing

Remember when I told you about the evening of short features–called Drop Your Shorts–that the Revue Cinema was hosting back in January? Well, they did it again.

Filmmakers were invited to bring their short subjects to the theatre and for a mere pittance (just ten bucks, sheesh) their film would be shown on the big screen to a real live paying audience (which may or may not include their proud parents, resentful siblings, and their still doting first grade teachers). This time, 12 films were screened and this was one of ’em…

Ending the Eternal is written and directed by Justin McConnell and I think it looks pretty darned good for the measly $50,000 it cost to make. McConnell got some quality work from fx vets (talented folks who worked on Land o’ the Dead and the remake of Dawn o’ the Dead) and the makeup work on lead actor Adam Wilson is especially nice. McConnell should consider submitting it for this year’s After Dark Film Festivalthe shorts were the most innovative and effective pieces I saw at last year’s festival.

I’m told the Revue is gonna do this again in a coupla months. So if you’re an independent filmmaker and you would like to screen your short subject(s) as part of this program, keep an eye on the Revue Cinema’s website or its Facebook group for updates.

Good to see this cinema come back from the dead and take a stab at providing an opportunity that independent filmmakers don’t often get. I hear the crowds have been large and appreciative, which can only be encouraging for the filmmakers who are looking for audience feedback on their work.

→ originally published 2008-03-10


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