I’ve been spewing my opinions online blogging since 2006 but it was the summer of 2011 when I decided to take a friend’s advice and concentrate all my film-related writing on a separate site.

This one.

There are few things I enjoy more than writing, and film is a primary interest.  While I grew up watching black & white monster movies on Sir Graves Ghastly, it wasn’t until I hit university that the penny dropped. I’d enrolled at the University of Toronto to major in English because I was going to write The Great Canadian Novel but found the English programme thuddingly dull.  As a lark, however, I had added Innis College‘s Introduction To Film Study class to my course load, and immediately fell in love.  I ended up getting my degree in Cinema Studies and CanLit has had to muddle along without me.

My tastes in film have evolved over the years… although the kid in me remains: I do still love a good monster movie!  These days, though, documentary film is closest to my heart and you may find that my topics tend to skew in that direction.

I am an annual patron of the Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival in Toronto and served on the Volunteer Office team that managed the 500 or so volunteers in 2011.  I attend the Toronto International Film Festival on a regular basis and have also attended the Toronto After Dark Film Festival as well as Sundance, where I also worked as a volunteer in 2006.  I do a little copy-editing over at the estimable The Documentary Blog and am a participant in the Toronto Star‘s annual pre-TIFF Chasing the Buzz feature, proving that it’s not so much what you know as much as it is who you know.

My original blog still stands.  I will eventually finish copying all the film-related posts from there to here and this will be where I write new ones. Other topics will continue to be posted yonder.

Feel free to leave comments wherever you like. Feedback is always welcome.

You can also email me at cinemusing at gmail dot com.

And thanks for reading!



2 responses to “About

  1. Looking forward to your musings.

  2. Jim Shedden ⋅

    Great new blog Carla!

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